Pacific Parrotlet General Faq Page-

Pacific Parrotlets
are "smallest Parrots in the world". Most people consider Parrotlets to be miniature Amazons. They are becoming a wonderful companion pet. A Parrotlets size is less than 5 inches in length, have beautiful plumage, and have long life span of 15-20 years. Their enchanted behavior, inexpensive maintenance, ability to speak from 10 to 12 words and inability to scream, make these wonderful birds the perfect pet. Parrotlets are also intelligent, bold, curious, acrobatic, and capable of developing a loving bond with their owners.

They are incapable of screaming, and can be even kept in a small apartment without fear of complaints from the neighbors.

Green Rumped Parrotlets are more shy and gentle than their Pacific cousins. Green Rumps can be frightened by new things and may take a few days to settle into their new surroundings and begin eating a wide variety of foods. But once acclimated, they possess just as much personality as the Pacific Parrotlet.